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Bärlauch Saison
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-04-10 02:37:15
Good luck getting seeds, but as Don says, Ramsons is related and appears to be Yankland-positive. Would be curious to compare them, actually. Not so sure if a package sent by Luftpost would reach you lot fresh over there though. Coincidentally, there was an article about Bärlauch in the weekend Erlangen paper (probably also Nürnberger Nachrichten, Jürgen?). It says that the plant has achieved a sort of cult status in the last decade, nearly as beloved as Spargel. Other factoids: it's nearly extinct in the north, and is mostly found in the south of the country. It, like nearly every other edible plant known to Europa, can be used to treat all manner of complaints and ailments such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, digestion troubles and diarrhoea, and it's been used for centuries as an antibiotic. And the Welsh celts consumed mass quantities to give them strength before battle.
                             Bärlauch Saison by pivnizub on  2011-04-10 05:33:50