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Best By, Use By
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-04-01 07:45:26
Thanks for the clarification. The guy at a good bottle shop down here once sold me a 2L Bügelflasche (swingtop) of Lammsbräu Festbier for 3€ (instead of the normal 12€?) because it was a couple of days past the "best by" date. He said it was "illegal" to do so, but maybe this is just what his boss told him. It's good that Witzgall give a very short "shelf life", as their beers do not age well at all. The few winter Festbier bottles I have now are already showing signs of age, after 3 months in the cellar.
         Best By, Use By/Seasonals by Mads K on  2011-04-01 23:48:14