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Br. Sauer (Roßdorf am Forst) on TV now
Posted by DonS on 2011-04-26 13:51:05
The narration in the show - supported by some of the conversation and activity shown - makes it clear that the tiny community is not the sole support of the brewery and pub. They attract clientele from all over the region; mention is made of folks from middle Franconia preferring potatoes and folks from upper Franconia preferring potato dumplings, IIRC, and mention is also made of folks who come from elsewhere for a weekend day out ('Wochenendeausflug'). Their beer is also packaged and sold elsewhere, as shown when the brewer is out making deliveries with his truck. The current beer list at Bamberg's Café Abseits, for instance, features the brewery's Braunbier. The brewery also has a contact to supply one of the riverboats serving the tourist trade, and I imagine some of the area supermarkets and drinks shops stock their beers as well.
         Br. Sauer (Roßdorf am Forst) on TV now by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2011-04-27 05:02:11