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Br. Sauer (Roßdorf am Forst) on TV now
Posted by DonS on 2011-04-26 06:44:45
Yanks don't "normally" eat creamed spinach? I can think of quite a few places in the USA, even in my home city - particularly steakhouses - where creamed spinach is a common side veg. The biggest difference in making creamed spinach vs creamed savoy cabbage is that spinach cooks very very quickly. BTW, Indian places in the USA also do a variation on this theme. Saag paneer is basically a buttery spinach with curry spices and fresh (non-aged, non-cured) cheese. Too bad most Indian places don't serve it with really good beer... It's easy to confuse one creamed veg for another, but if the voice over says spinach (well, "Spinat"), I'm inclined to believe it. I'm sure it all goes down a treat with a Seidla of the Roßdorfer lager.
                   Br. Sauer (Roßdorf am Forst) on TV now by Nick B. on  2011-04-26 07:24:30
                     Br. Sauer (Roßdorf am Forst) on TV now by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-04-26 07:42:13