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Frankfurt morning departure – what to do?
Posted by DonS on 2011-04-27 09:10:39
There is, of course, another alternative entirely. Rent a car the day before departure for a one-way trip to Frankfurt, and drive from Bamberg or Nürnberg to FRA. Your risk there is the probability of traffic jams (and a German "Stau" can be epic sometimes), but so far, it's worked for me every time. Risk with the train is low, but includes things like not getting to the station on time or some problem causing delays (anything from labor action to "engineering" works or mechanical problem). Going to Frankfurt the night before isn't a bad option either, but I agree with everyone else that the city's beer scene is, FTMP, unexceptional. The apple wine taverns in Sachsenhausen, however, are fun, and the apple wine is not exactly the same beast as the sweeter ciders we know; apple wine is somewhat more tart and dry. Goes well with food, too.