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Witzgall Keller
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-05-09 04:33:35
You stole my scoop! Last week at the Roppelt Keller, I heard that Herr und Frau Witzgall had leased the Keller operation to someone close to the family, someone from the village. Yesterday, we took our first bike tour of the year to Witzgall and met the new guy running the place. I've seen him there often in the past. He's nice, but he needs to learn a little patience when pouring a Mass. The "down side" of the new deal is that he has raised the price of a Mass and Seidla from 3,20/1,60€ to 3,50/1,80€. So Witzgall is no longer the absolute cheapest among Keller(s) serving *good* beer. The end of an era. Also, he doesn't have to do any renovation work on the house or Keller as part of the lease deal, which is good. The place was very busy yesterday, even some people without grey hair were there. ;) And the bottled, filtered version of the Landbier is not as good as the unfiltered (but still clear!) version poured mit bayerischem Anstich at the Keller...Danny, you should give it a try sometime, even though it's not a "cult" place.
     Witzgall Keller by mike004 on  2011-05-09 05:26:54