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advice on New breweries and/or seasonal beers
Posted by Thomas Grffin on 2011-05-08 11:15:18
Hi, The wife and I are (we are from Chicago) are traveling by car from Berlin to Munich via Leipzig, Kulmbach, and Bamberg. We will take about 6 days to do it. We are going to hit several Zoigl stubes in the Windischeschenbach region, then hit Kulmbach, two nights in Bamberg, Kruezberg Keller, Forcheim, and maybe AMberg. We have been to Bamberg region 3 times and hit dozens of small breweries on the outskirts. Greiss is among my favorite keller beers and the Kruezberg Keller has some of the most adventurous and quality brews in all of Germany IMHO. I have the Brauns Atlas books and 2006 Good Beer Guide, so I know all the basics. So I'm looking for the most up to date info on 3 issues: 1. Are there any good breweries that opened or vastly improved in the last 3-5 years 2. Are there any especially good seasonals right now (bocks, rauch, zwickel, etc) worth seeking out. 3. Are there any new great beer bars besides Abseits? We'll be in Franconia from next Monday the 16th thru Friday the 20th. If any of you locals want to try and meet up for a beer let me know. Thanks in advance, Thomas Griffin
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