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Beer tours around Bamberg
Posted by TheM on 2011-05-17 02:32:01
Just read all the complaining about the bus system! But with the new system of the region Nuremberg-Bamberg there are a lot of interesting possibilities. One is to have a look on on the english page to search for route and times. And the VGN as well is offering ideas for beertours, but only in german. Anyway have a look at routes and timetables at means weekend and bankholiday-lines to reach interesting parts of franconia, for example HALLERNDORFER KELLER with 3 breweries or with the STEIGERWALDEXPRESS even my favourite brewery ZEHENDNER in Mönchsambach. Have a try.
   Beer tours around Bamberg by mike004 on  2011-05-17 03:15:08
     Beer tours around Bamberg by John Ratcliffe on  2011-05-17 03:18:51
       Beer tours around Bamberg by mike004 on  2011-05-17 03:50:34