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Danny, any Wurm Bier experiences already?
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2011-05-18 04:25:19
Hi John and Barry, please don't take my comments too serious! I know those questions about public transport are important to foreigners and would be franconians. ;-) Recommendations for the southern Jura area: Wurm of course, Schneider Bräu Weißenburg; Wettelsheimer Keller of Brauerei Strauss, Wettelsheim; I haven't managed to visit Hochholz, yet. This seems to be an interesting beer. At least people say it's damn good. Brauerei Sigwart of Weissenburg (they've got a Brauereiwirtschaft in the old town) also isn't bad. Would recommend the Kellerbeer. Cheers Jürgen
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