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Hey Fred again
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2011-05-26 12:58:10
Sorry Nick, I'm here with the significant other who is even more hill adverse than I am. We rode out to Strassgiech yesterday for dinner and that is about her limit. I didn't plan to go to Reundorf, was just riding around and stopped at Schrauders Keller in Pettstadt (I love that place) and somebody said they were headed there next, so I went. I can walk 50 ft from my door and have a Greiss Kellerbier from the barrel (at the Blaue Glocke) -- view is not as nice but much easier :) BTW, Stöhrenkeller has the Gänstaller Kellerbier on now so you don't need to ride far for that either. Also BTW, Mondschein (next to Blaue Glocke) still has Hölzlein Lohndorf from the barrel on Monday nights for €1.70. The atmosphere isn't that great but the beer is. Also, got a tip to check out Ölkännla ( ) at Fortenbachweg 11 -- just off Memmelsdorfer Strasse behind the Aldi. I've ridden by there three or four times this trip but won't again before I leave on Saturday :( No mention of beers on the website.
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