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Cucumbers: what are the recommendations?
Posted by A.Harvey on 2011-06-01 11:55:53
Nick,if you read the technical spec,they also recommend not re hydrating using wort.but rather use pure water.If I am using a fresh batch of Nottingham rather than re pitching,I wait until the para-flow has brought the temperature of the wort down to about 33 deg run some off add the dried yeast to the wort, and let it rehydrate.this is usually achieved by the time the bulk of the wort has reached pitching temperature.then pump it over to the fv which causes a fair amount of airyation.which I have found does help a fast start to fermentation.Like the picture.Interesting flavours I should think bearing in mind the ferment temperature,and the speed of ferment.
             Cucumbers: what are the recommendations? by Nick B. on  2011-06-02 01:58:22
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