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Diller keller
Posted by barry on 2011-06-01 05:07:12
Hi John - really glad that you enjoyed the trip. We loved Diller (although the midges got a bit intense sometimes!) - great beer and very friendly people. See that you took to the woods for the walk to Kemmern; we did it the other way and got lost, ending up fording a stream but we made it! Hope you liked Wagner, as it's one of our favourites - we hope to be repeating all of this in September, when we'll be staying in Hallstadt (accompanying dgs and cherie for a week). Now latest from Eschawo: visited Loistl last night - nothing changes on the stamtisch, thank goodness. Going to W/brewing on Friday, which will be conducted by Rudi Loistl and Robert Sperber. Incidentally, was told that Beim Binner is named as such because R. Sperbers father was a cooper and binner is German for cooper (hope this is right because binner is not in my German-English dictionary). Tonight, invited by 'Ludwig' (see White's Beer Travels pages on Eschawo) to stamtisch at Weisser Schwann.
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