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Posted by Nick B. on 2011-06-04 11:57:28
Portly, yes indeed. Glad you got there and enjoyed the place! It just occurred to me to note that the Röbersdorfer beer called "Alt" has nothing to do with the Düsseldorfer sort of Altbier. It's just their name for it, brewed to their "old" recipe. (If this is the Rauchbier, I can't recall.) That stretch to Hirschaid is a lovely one. We were at Reundorf today for the first time in a couple of years, in fact. They open at 15.00 on Saturdays and it was 16.00 or so. The first Mass (3,60 €) was a diacytel-laden disappointment, but then the next, from a fresh "tub", was fine. I suspect the first was leftover from Friday. Fine food there too, in the typical Brauhaus vein at least.