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Falkenberg - at last!
Posted by TreinJan on 2011-06-20 07:34:18
I know, just couldn't resist. It is also due to my upbringing, my mother was a teacher. Three euro for half a litre - I've had several beers around here, most prices were below that, around 2,50. Mind you, I prefer 0,25 or 0,3 litre if possible, to try more different beers in one session. This afternoon I tried four beers from the Berg Brauerei in Ehingen, you could even get those in 0,1 litre trial glasses. Their Ulrichsbier is quite good, hoppy with a good malt base. Also available Pils, Export (Helles) and Hefeweizen. Did not go to Ehingen Berg for this, but had the beers at Gasthof zum Ochsen in the centre of Ehingen, property of the brewery since 1901. And about 400 metres from the railway station instead of over 3 km.