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Last days in Oberpfalz
Posted by barry on 2011-06-24 00:09:25
Sadly, our month long sojourn in Eschawo is coming to an end. The time has really flown by and it only seems like yesterday arriving at the station. Everyday seems to have thrown up something new and Thursday was no exception. We made a final visit to Schoilmichel, meeting some new found friends and listening to Bavarian popular folk music played by an accordion/guitar duo - the people here really know how to party! Then we had a visit to the cellar of one of six families in Neuhaus who still exercise their rights to brew in the kommunbrauhaus. It was like a minature version of Schafferhof's cellar (visited last year) and it was fascinating to see the barrels lined up their stillage. Then came the moment of truth and a seidla to sample: it was beautiful! 100% pilsner malt, clear as a bell and as hoppy as you like. Almost certainly the finest zoigl we have sampled in either Windisch or Neuhaus. Thanks to Ludwig and his cousin Josef for arranging the visit. Our last port of call was a final visit to the stamtisch in Loistl and a sad good-bye to all the regulars - we will really miss you. An hour or two was spent by the locals in trying to work out which of the 25 or so houses with 'zoigl brau-rechts' that we could buy, including the old mill - five stories, perfect for a tower brewery and a snip at €178,000. Pity that it would probably take €10 million to restore! One final session to go tonight - back to Schlosshof, where we started our exploration of the zoigl phenomenon two years ago and then it's back home, via Leipheim and Dublin.
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