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Bamberg Beers in York, England
Posted by A.Harvey on 2011-06-30 00:40:14
I would have to agree,Bamberg has the edge on Ipswich in more than a few ways.But is a tad closer. Having said that,when in the Dove I have never drunk the German beers on offer.not much point really as the Dove is a previous runner up in the CAMRA national pub of the year and always has at least 10 good ales on offer. but it does give those people without the desire,or money to travel to Franconia a chance to try some of the beers from the region.
         Bamberg Beers in York, England by Andy Holmes on  2011-07-02 01:26:57
           Bamberg Beers in York, England by Nick B. on  2011-07-02 01:37:55