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Short report from last weeks
Posted by Danny on 2011-07-27 07:09:04
Hey, yesterday I went by bike from Würzburg to Spielbach (Goldochsen Bräu). It´s a brewery from the last century. The atmosphere is like at Barnikel, Herrnsdorf. Nobody was there as I arrived (16 o´clock in the afternoon). I shouted and after ten minutes a woman (estimated about 90 years) came, asked where I come from and gave me a beer (and later a second beer). It was a very good beer, very fruitish and the water was quite smooth. [img][/img] [img][/img] Last Saturday we went by bus to Uehlfeld. We´ve gone to Voggendorf (Prechtel-Keller). Beer quite good: a very strong Kellerbier with a pleasant bitterness. Very rural atmosphere with about 10 locals 15 o´ clock when Keller was just opened. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [imgg][/img] Not very special was the beer at Neuhaus (Löwenbräukeller, on the same day) and Sauer (Röttenbach). At Sauer we had a "Helles" which you can find in hundrets of brewerys in the south of bavaria. Löwenbräukeller - why they won the European beer award?? - there are so many superior beers in Franconia - Löwenbräu wasn´t really especially! A few days ago, brewery Schwanenbräu Ebensfeld: I can give a report that the beer (Pils) is 1,50 Euro, and Adam Riese Urtrunk (dark beer) is 1,55 Euro. That may be the cheapest beer price in Franconia! Pils is not really a Pils, but an excellent franconian-style Helles, sweetish and very drinkable. Urtrunk is a franconian dark beer, lots of malt, but not so special like equal Dunkel beers like Hetzelsdorfer. Last but not least, a short report from Himmelfahrt "Father´s day": Went by bus ("Steigerwald-Express") from Bamberg to Mönchsambach (bus stopp directly next to Zehendner). Firstly there was only Export from barrel. As Stefan saw us, he catched a further barrel with Lagerbeer. And- after one and a half hour, the last barrel he had with Maibock in it (it is not so strong as the Winterbock, I liked more the Winterbock, but all beers were of high quality, I think you all know them). [img][/img] [img][/img] Toskana-Feeling at Mönchsamabach! After "Frühschoppen" at Zehendner we walked 1,5 hours to Ampferbach kellers. Firstly Max Keller, good and very fresh Kellerbeer how ever, and then we changed to Maxkeller. Max beer is brewed at Mönchsamabach I think. It´s a superb beer, very sweet and I estimate with 5 % alc. minimum. You shouldn´t drink too much of this beer ;) Friendly people and best Brotzeiten! After this, we made a short taxi ride to Kunner´s Schwanenkeller Burgebrach. Also heer fine Kellerbier. All Kellerbeers here don´t have any bitterness like the Kellerbeers at Uehfeld-Voggendorf and Neuhaus. They (the Kellerbiers from Oberfranken) are easier to drink I would say except the beer at Max which is too sweet to drink too much of it ;)
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