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Real Zoigl
Posted by barry on 2011-07-30 02:31:28
I told you that it took me a long time to get my head around the idea that a beer served with CO2 might be drinkable - Eschawo was the clincher. All the zoiglstube dispense from tanks (have seen them but can't remember the size) and use CO2 both to dispense and as a blanket during lagering process. The art of producing drinkable beer under these conditions is getting the balance right. I understand that, in order for the beer in the tank not to absorb too much CO2, the pressure and temperature must be perfectly adjusted and, I presume, this is where some stube get it a bit wrong. Last year, I thought the zoigl in Zum Posterer was far too carbonated but, this year, it seemed really ok. To be fair, Gunter Zimmermann is quite new to the business but really makes an effort to get things right. Likewise, I think that Gloser had improved greatly, possibly because H. Popp junior has now finished his brewing apprenticeship in Regensburg and is working full time for Gambrinus, Weiden. So, I assume, his expertise is improving. The most interesting (and smallest and nicest) stube is Zum Roud'n. Anton told me that they use fairly old aluminium tanks and this means that he has to maintain a very low pressure. Also, the tanks are situated above ausschank level, which means the dispense is by gravity flow. You can work out the effect for yourselves and make sure that any future visit coincides with his turn on the rota! Mention of the Oberpfalzer Hof reminds me that I was told that they store their zoigl (brewed by Robert Sperber, I think) under pressure of some odd inert gas that doesn't absorb into the beer. I haven't tried this zoigl (I was only there for a month and didn't have time) but Jimbo and Mark stayed in the Hof - did you sample their zoigl? Finally, as I mentined, I did try the non-commercially brewed zoigl in Neuhaus (which was extra good). This was stored in smallish barrels and under very light CO2 pressure.
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