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Somewhere in Berlin
Posted by DonS on 2011-07-30 11:06:37
That's a little tough to find on a map without the PLZ/postal code, because there is more than one "Köpenickerstraße" in Berlin. Berlin is a little like London: it's grown by agglomeration, so the former separate towns that got incorporated into the greater whole of Berlin have caused redundant street names to appear. The location in question is in 10179, and the place is called "Republik Frank und Frei Biergarten", in Berlin-Mitte, close to the Heirich-Heine-Straße‎ U-Bahnhof. Anyone in Berlin on August 5-6-7 this year can also walk (or U-Bahn) from this Biergarten up to Strausberger Platz to enjoy a few more Franconian beers at the International Bierfestival as well.
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