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Forward planning...Gravity Pour... Schmausenkeller
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2011-08-04 17:17:34
I took a photo of a great many of the beers which I drank. :-) Favorite. Hmm, tough question because I liked almost all of them. Witzgall Landbier, formerly my candidate for best pale lager in the world, might have slipped a notch as it did not taste the same I remembered it. Still very good, but different. Roppelts was very good. I also really liked the two Zoigl Biers that I had in Windischeschenbach/Neuhaus. I also quite liked the Helles Lager from Brauerei Mager in Pottenstein. But there were many, many more there also very, very good. I might have to check my notes.