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Another one lost
Posted by Danny on 2011-09-19 04:57:14
I also heard the fact that Michael was a fake brewery when I spoke to people in town. It is written on the labels that the beer is contract brewed in Bayreuth. 2 years ago, I didn´t find this notice on the bottles. So I estimate that he brewed the beers in Weißenstadt until a few years/months. I recognized that the water of the beer was very pleasent and soft - would Michael bring the original Fichtelgebirgs-water to Bayreuth to brew the beer with the old recipes in Bayreuth? Michael is famous for his biological beer called "Luchs-Bier" (Bio-Kellerbier, Bio-Dinkelbier, Bio-Weizen). Maybe he is brewing these beers in Weißenstadt? But I don´t think so...