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Sorry but ...
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2011-09-19 23:37:00
Danny, Spielbach is one of the last real 'Gutshof-breweries'. They produce nearly everything they need on their own farmland and, yes, they still use their old malting floor. No Weyermann malt in Spielbach. Now, the brewmaster is Fritz Unbehauen jun., son of the famous Fritz Unbehauen (+). I don't think the brewery will be closed when Frau Unbehauen is too old, but then it will be a different place. In fact, Frau Unbehauen is the manager. She's a clever old lady and I would marry her, if I were... erm... 110 years old! But you're right, she doesn't sell beer to people she doesn't know. There are stories to tell... ;-) I bought the first box some 5 years ago, but before we talked a lot and finally she found me trustworthy. Since then I always got beer there. Slainte Mhath Jürgen
               Sorry but ... by Danny on  2011-09-20 08:28:02
                 Sorry but ... by Jürgen Wening on  2011-09-20 10:47:13