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Adventures in Franken - part 2
Posted by DonS on 2011-09-20 13:07:09
Dunno exactly how travels will be arranged in 2012, but it's nearly a sure bet that we aren't likely to show up for a main part of summertime meetup if that's how it works out. We like the late-summer / early-fall time frame, and are looking strongly at a couple of the village Zoigl festivals (Mitterteich and Neuhaus) at end of Sept / early Oct as well. The Schwarzbier at Wagner/Kemmern went down a treat our last night there. Still on Kölsch, Pils, sometimes Hefeweizen, maybe a Schwarzbier, pretty typical selection for the Eifel region, but had a good local Eifel-region-brewed beer with a late lunchtime snack today. Will be sampling Dutch (and other) beers from tomorrow through Saturday evening, then back for more of the Rheinland; will be at "Em Golde Kappes" in Cologne on Monday evening for glasses of Früh. Maybe some Altbier in Düsseldorf next week as well. Interesting learning the history of this region, including the relative (and absolute) poverty of the people attempting to farm the Eifel back in the old days. Makes one appreciate the region's current relative prosperity and good quality of life.