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Here are some mistakes
Posted by Danny on 2011-09-24 05:24:32
"If it's a fake brewery then it is noted on that page that it its beer is contract brewed." Hi Mark, in some cases the information is not always right. There are some mistakes I have recognized. Perhaps the webmaster can do an update: Ampferbach -> Max -> Contract brewed (at Zehendner, Mönchsambach) Baunach -> Sippel -> I mean it´s closed an beer is not contract brewed, selling Keesmann beers Breitengüßbach -> Hümmer -> the same as in Baunach: I think it´s closed and sell Stettfelder Adler beer, no contract brewed beer Höchstadt -> Blauer Löwe -> brewery closed or contract brewed beer (at Sauer, Röttenbach?), but no active brewery any longer Hof -> Bürgerbräu -> brewery closed an no contract beer Hof -> Zeltbräu -> contract beer (Zeltbräu Pils brewed at Scherdel, Hof) Hof-Unterkotzau -> Falter -> brewery closed and no contract beer Kappel -> Ibel -> Contract beer (brewed at Göller, Zeil) Lembach -> Thein -> Sure that they have contract beer? I think it´s closed and they sell Zehendner beer Ludwigsstadt -> Jahn -> closed Nagel -> Mauth -> closed Schönbrunn/Steigerwald -> Bähr -> Contract brewed beer (at Göller, Zeil) Schönbrunn/Steigerwald -> Wernsdörfer -> Contract brewed beer (I mean at Staffelbergbräu, Loffeld) When I´m wrong please correct me! Danny
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