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Nice weekend
Posted by Danny on 2011-10-01 14:57:54
I think Höfen is great! Very very friendly people, cheap and good dark beer. I like Höfen because of the Endres family cares about good food (Braten, Klöße) - this is something I miss in a lot of other breweries... (Bratwürste I can make at home, too)! In Ebing there are two beer sorts: Beer from barrel, brewed in Ebing, and bottled beer which is contract brewed (I like the bottled beer more...) Once in Ebing the owner, Mr Hübner, has driven me to Zapfendorf train station by car - beer was too good and I wasn´t able to walk to the last train to Zapfendorf (too few time). He told me that he learned brewing at brewery Schütz, Wingersdorf (closed in the 1970s)... Höfen, Freudeneck and Ebing are "origin" brewerys - they are very cozy, that makes them so nice - no beer tourists and very franconian style. Please give a short report about your tour!
           Nice weekend by Nick B. on  2011-10-01 15:18:09
             Nice weekend by Danny on  2011-10-02 13:43:06