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You're welcome of course, and ...
Posted by DonS on 2011-10-13 14:30:17
... if this isn't enough, Fulda also offers the Wiesenm├╝hle brewpub, two Hohmann brewpubs (one city center, the other on the outskirts in a very 'country' forest-and-field setting), and Hochstift's Felsenkeller. We called in at Hohmann's Michelsrombacher Wald brewpub last year on a quiet Sunday evening. The garden out back is superb, nice modern place inside, good food, decent beer.
             You're welcome of course, and ... by TreinJan on  2011-10-14 02:43:35
             You're welcome of course, and ... by Ungespundet on  2011-10-14 11:31:14