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Invalid climbs Kreuzberg sensation!
Posted by barry on 2011-10-13 09:48:38
I should be writing headlines for the British red tops! Byline of passing interest to Nick & Don: just returned from seeing consultant who diagnosed that J. must have a hip replacement - immediately! She goes under the knife on November 1, so climb up Kreuzberg and hill from Aufsess assumes heroic proportions (the latter also by Cherie) - otherwise, the lengths that someone will go to to get a beer! Slainte!
   Invalid climbs Kreuzberg sensation! by DonS on  2011-10-13 14:26:28
   Invalid climbs Kreuzberg sensation! by Nick B. on  2011-10-16 22:53:31
     Invalid climbs Kreuzberg sensation! by barry on  2011-10-17 01:38:36