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Bamberg bock - availability
Posted by Neil McC on 2011-10-19 05:04:35
Hi there, I've been to Germany drinking many times - 8 times to Munich, twice to Nuremberg and now twice also to Bamberg, where my party bumped into Fred and hence found this website. We're heading back to Bamberg at the end of November (25th-28th). Unfortunately our timing does not cover any tappings, but obviously I would like to try the bocks. Are they available for some time after the 'anstich'? Also, if anyone has tried them before, which would you recommend most highly? My favourites of the summertime beers are Spezial Rauchbier and Mahr's amazing 'U'. Thanks Neil (Glasgow, Scotland)
   Bamberg bock - availability by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2011-10-19 05:23:26
     Bamberg bock - availability by Neil McChrystal on  2011-10-19 05:43:41
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       Bamberg bock - availability by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2011-10-22 06:46:58
         Bamberg bock - availability by Neil McChrystal on  2011-10-24 06:25:05
     Bamberg bock - availability by Neil McChrystal on  2011-10-24 06:28:11