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Drügendorfer Bockbier
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-11-06 04:35:37
Made it to the Först Brauereigaststätte yesterday after a pleasant bike tour up the canal and Eggolsheimer valley. It had been a couple of years since we'd been there, and I swear they've changed the opening times -- now only from 16.00. The Lager was horribly over-carbonated, making it barely drinkable --and making Herr Först spend too much time and work pouring it. Getting around that, the Lager is as pleasant as I remember it being, though still a bit husky in that sparge-as-much-out-of-the-mash-as-you-possibly-can way. Otherwise clean, no diacytel or DMS. A bit maltier would be nice. The Bock is a nice enough one; only from the bottle, as the Bockbieranstich was already 8 days in the past. Light amber, neither in the dark- nor pale Bock vein, and also not so strong at around 6.5% according to the boss. Love the place and village, the beer's quite drinkable (once you get enough of the CO2 driven off), especially after a couple of hours' cycling. And the Gasthaus at the extinct brewery down the street has been renovated and is open with a nice looking menu (Speisekarte). There are a few beers listed, though without any clue of where they're brewed. The first one is a Dunkel. Didn't have time to look around or ask about the beers though.
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