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Brau-Beviale -- First Day
Posted by Barry on 2011-11-10 01:42:56
Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself - and why wouldn't you with all those goodies on offer! Had a look at Nordbrau's trinkkarte - fascinating array of different types of drinks, including a barley drink for young women! Surely illegal sexist marketing? Concur re the Weyermann IPA, which we sampled in their little brauhaus. It is really excellent. Good to see that the 'traditional' UK breweries of Brains, Hook Norton and Jennings (happy memories of a day in the brewery and being left to help yourself in their in-house bar) were doing so well but what the hell is that foul Guinness pump doing there? How does real ale go down in Bavaria? Final personal note: J. had her hip-op yesterday and is doing well. Consultant said that the deterioration was the worst he had seen! Definite deserves her 'Hero of the Kreuzberg' tag!