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Bamberger Bier
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2011-11-17 02:43:14
"In a way, I wonder why people in Bamberg (for example) bother going to the brauerei at all. After all, most of the beer sold is filtered and pasteurised (thank goodness for 'U')" Where on earth do you get that idea? I don't think most of the beer served at the breweries in Bamberg is filtered, and it is certainly not pasteurized, unless perhaps it is in a bottle. As Nick said, for sure you can find beer from a barrel (Bayerischer Anstich) at Mahr's and Schlenkerla, and I believe at Fässla, too. Not sure about Greifenklau, but maybe.
                           Bamberger Bier by Nick B. on  2011-11-17 06:15:27
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