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Bock at Abseits
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2011-11-25 07:08:05
Hi Nick, today, 25th November, I have already kegs of the Griess Bock on the cellar. But I have deceided to give the Kathreinbock yet some days. The brewery Griess has preferred to make their bockbieranstich a week earlier than last years, so it is enough time for the Griess Bock until the bockbieranstich of the Mönchsambacher Weihnachtsbock. We have the Nankendorfer Bock only on bottles. Dark bocks are difficult to sell, because the locals prefer pale bocks. Generally the dates of the bock beer saison plan are a little bit vague, because I try to empty a barrel before opening the next barrel. Because the Kathreinbock is very good (better than last year, my opinion), I've ordered more than last year and can tap it a second time (maybe after the Mönchsambacher bock; end of December or January). In January it is difficult to get bocks, because the regular season ends on the 6th January. So i plan to get special bocks from Weyermann and Gänstaller.
           Bock at Abseits by Nick B. on  2011-11-25 08:36:48
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           Bock at Abseits by Nick B. on  2011-11-27 07:17:57