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Vestenberg brewery closure again
Posted by barry on 2011-11-24 06:58:25
I haven't sampled so many beer bottles in Germany, but quite a few of different liquids - never found a dirty one yet. All the figures that I've seen on recycling tend to suggest that, apart from the basic philosophy of moving away from the throwaway society, recycling glass is not cost effective, as the cost of the energy required (not to forget the logistics of collecting etc.) is more than the cost of manufacturing new bottles. Ok, these figures will vary according to energy costs v materials costs but are likely not to change too much. When Iwas a kid, we used to be taken on visits to our local Co-op dairy and shown the wonders of bottle collection, washing and re-use. Then the big supermarkets came in and started selling milk in cartons and milk delivery, bottle re-use, etc., went out of the window. I hope that doesn't happen in Germany and the bottle return machines continue to flourish!
               Vestenberg brewery closure again by Mark Andersen on  2011-11-24 07:19:56
                 Vestenberg brewery closure again by J├╝rgen Wening on  2011-11-24 14:13:26