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Biolégère & Session Beer in Franken
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-01-14 02:25:35
Indeed I have liked the dark Krušovice Černe (3.8%) on draught at the crappy "Mexican" restaurant, which is the place serving draught beer nearest our home...though they stopped offering it on draught, now only bottled. One of the better Heineken beers round these parts, I think. With a little imagination, one can think of it as a lagered dry mild. I've been meaning to find a good Czech bottle shop near the border where I can go fill up the boot/trunk/Kofferraum, but from what I've gathered from, there's not much until you get to Pilsen. 5-6 hours round trip. Cheb would be much quicker, but doesn't sound too promising.