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Buttenheimer Löwenbräu
Posted by Joelle on 2012-01-19 12:41:36
Not 100% sure about that Nick. Here's the picture of the chalkboard from that day though. They thought that was what they were serving (see pic)!/jesterkingbeer/status/155664182329610240/photo/1
             Buttenheimer Löwenbräu by Nick B. on  2012-01-20 05:08:02
               Buttenheimer Löwenbräu by Joelle on  2012-01-20 09:00:01
                 Buttenheimer Löwenbräu by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-01-20 11:48:25
                   Buttenheimer Löwenbräu by Joelle on  2012-01-23 08:29:08