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Leberkäs mit Ei (OT)
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-01-21 07:05:38
The little woman likes an occasional Leberkäse mit Ei. Me, I'm happy with Leberkäse im Brötchen. We're making a Kohlrabi-Auflauf (casserole/bake/hotdish) today, which actually brings you to mind. Bamberger Hörnla will be used instead of more normal potatoes. is the basic idea for a recipe, though not so much Käse for us. FranconianBeerNews: After 79 batches of half-IPA, I've now got a dark, chocolatey mild brewed and bottled. (No actual chocolate used, rather, chocolate malt, so no problems with the Reinheitsgebotspolizei.) Not as much alcohol this time, since nearly 20% of the malt is unfermentable, and at 2.8%, it would qualify for a tax break in the UK. Will go nicely with the Auflauf, I reckon.
     Leberkäs mit Ei (OT) by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-01-21 13:18:45
       Half-IPA (OT) by Nick B. on  2012-01-22 04:19:55