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OT: Nick re Gent
Posted by barry on 2012-01-24 04:00:09
Message sent Jan 17 to your last received address (, which was the one we were using last September. To a degree, you have answered my query, which was to the effect of whether it was worth spending a week or so in Gent. Problem is that we have been to Brugge on a number of occasions and pretty well explored most things non-beerwise and there's only so much time you can spend in Daisy's bar, though some may disagree! I know that we can travel around easily enough (specially cheap for me as a pensioner €5.20 to go anywhere by train!), so could easily do as you did, with a couple of day trips to Bruges, Brussels, etc. But how did you find the cafes in Gent? Were there enough that were nice enough to spend a few nights? I'd like to spned the week in P'land but the weather dictates that, at this time of the year, you've really got to be in a town, not trecking around a wet countryside. Alternatively, we might come to Franken but J. is even more Bamberg'd out - perhaps Forcheim might be an alternative?
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