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Weiß-Blau in Berlin
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-01-25 23:10:38
Yesterday's episode of a somewhat-regularly-appearing short TV show "Life + Style Berlin" featured Weiß-Blau Schmankerlparadies in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin. Unfortunately, the online videolibrary isn't updated to include this episode yet, but anyone who wants to see it can check back at to see if it's been updated. shows the proprietor Boris with at least some of his bottled selection. Krug, Meister, Weismainer and Gutmann are visible there, at least, the latter including the most excellent Weizenbock. has reviews, but unfortunately, the café's own website seems kaputt.
   Weiß-Blau in Berlin by TreinJan on  2012-01-26 04:19:53