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OT: latest brew
Posted by barry on 2012-02-02 02:06:33
I used 55 gms of dried Northern Brewer hops added to Cooper’s Selection IPA malt extract (1.7ks) + Coopers Brew Enhancer No. 1 (1 kg) + Muntons Extra light spray malt (500 g) and Danstar Nottingham yeast(11g) - the latter being from a recommendation by Nick. Being an IPA malt extract, it already contained hops of some unknown variety. The result is a 1042 OG brew, very hoppy and not malty at all - but very drinkable to my taste old fashioned taste. Not at all like the American IPA that Don of Seattle brought to Bamberg.
       OT: latest brew by Nick B. on  2012-02-02 07:13:51