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New brewery project in Lichtenfels
Posted by Gunnar H on 2012-02-04 03:04:57
Private mini hop backs are getting popular in Sweden, eliminating the need to sneak into the Carlsberg brewing site. We use Bodum coffee/tea makers (a.k.a. French Filtering devices), add a suitable amount of hop cones of the desired variety/ies, then pour a bottle of less hoppy beer, stir and let rest for whatever time you think necessary. Then push down the filter and pour the now hoppier beer into your glass. Some experimentation is required to get the right result. Good luck!
       New brewery project in Lichtenfels by Nick B. on  2012-02-04 04:35:16
         Coffee-Maker Dryhopping by Nick B. on  2012-02-05 04:39:13
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