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Posted by Nick B. on 2012-02-21 22:53:46
Of course my points are good and well made, that comes with being a Yank! ;) Germany does have better plumbing. And FWICT, better housing construction standards in general. Our power has gone out exactly once in 7-1/2 years here, something that happened at least a couple times a year back in Oregon. And let's not forget the Autobahn construction compared to US freeways... We were in Weymouth as construction works were being carried out last June. They were supposed to be finished a year *before* the Olympics start, and people seemed to be happy with the progress. Would be interesting to go back and see how it's all done up now. But we'll probably avoid ├ćngland for a good month before and after the Olympics. Give you lot a chance to settle down afterwards.