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Mobile Internet surf
Posted by barry on 2012-02-15 13:58:58
Interesting. We arrived at the apartment in Hallstadt a week before Don and were horrified to find no Wi-Fi - the first time ever since we've been travelling a la netbook. The landlord suggested we buy surfstick but I was rather put off by having to pay €30 minimum for a week's activity. The shop couldn't guarantee coverage either, so I didn't bother, preferring to spend my cash on beer. As Don said, I walked across to Goldene Adler and they were extremely helpful - short of supplying me with coffee and bickies while I surfed, they could have hardly done more. I'd be surprised if all the biggish hotels in Bamberg didn't have wifi connections and, as I say, from my experience, most fewo's do. I guess it depends on how and when you need a connection - if you want connection while on Deutsche Bahn, you can buy this online while on board, but it did seem a bit pricey.
         Mobile Internet surf by TreinJan on  2012-02-15 14:16:36
           Mobile Internet surf by Mike B. on  2012-02-19 09:24:27