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Posted by Nick B. on 2012-03-19 04:10:56
Having watched it again, I'm a bit disappointed by some commentary, but then again not surprised. Udo Hessler, the Slow Food guy and Bavarian beer connoisseur, finds the use of New Zealand hops ecologically senseless in Bavaria, since Bavarian hops are just as good, if not better than NZ ones. Yeah, it's all about what's the *"best"* product, isn't it, not what might simply give a *different* flavour or aroma? To be fair, it's during a discussion of how the new breed of overpriced "noble beers" supposedly use only the best ingredients, "even hops from NZ", so the commentary is maybe directed toward that. But still, to not have an idea that hops from different places have different characteristics is very typical of the mentality around here. If it's different than what's always been used in a given area, it can't be as good. Braumeister Martin goes on to say that he supports the local hop growers in Franken, and doesn't need to support NZ ones. Fair enough.
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