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TV: More this week
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-03-05 23:14:18
Whoah, that's quite a scoop, Gerhard, thanks! It will be repeated today at 11.45. Also this week: < > "Auf den Kellern", described as "The upper Franconian Keller drinking places, 'Keller' for short, arose in a time when beer was kept cool in tunnels in rock. The beer was also served at these storage locations, around which lie mostly secluded beer gardens, where you can also eat well, e.g. wood oven bread with the local specialty Zwieblelskäs. The establishments "at the Kellers" -- they're still a secret tip. < > "Fränkische Leidenschaften: Von Brennen und Brauen - Menschen und ihre Leidenschaften" (Franconian Passions: Of Distilling and Brewing - People and their Passions) "There are so many private breweries as hardly anywhere else. Sometimes the best beers arise somewhat on the side, as with butcher Manfred Reichert in Uetzing. He indulges in his secret passion once a week and brews his own beer -- in his sausage kettle." This show goes back a few years, but it's great. I wrote subtitles for it back when I used to do that as a hobby. < > "Lands - People - Adventures", the episode on Gotland will be repeated, featuring hemp farming and local Rauchbier.