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Posted by Mike B. on 2012-03-15 06:18:54
Barry, for finding transport information, especially for the small villages, you need to start here: It is only written in German, but if you fill in "Ortsname" (place name) and "Haltestelle" (stop name, if you know it) and then the button "Absenden" (submit), you should get a list of the bus stops in that place (if you left Haltestelle empty). What is more useful is to hit the Absenden button then disregard the list of stops and look for a link on the left side that says "Umkreis: 10km". This will give you a map of 10km from the village or town you put in. Once you have found the stop closest to the destination, you click on the orange and green symbol of a bus stop. A window will open offering you "Abfuhrt" or "Ankunft" (leaving or arriving). Selecting Ankunft will give you a list of buses arriving to that destination currently. Once you have the bus numbers, it is handy to get the bus schedules so that you can make your own plan. Most public transport agencies in Bavaria, in my experience, offer downloadable schedules. If you go here: this is the central bus service for much of Frankenland. If you can figure out the German it offers much more information than in English. I usually start with the "Netz" menu and select "Liniennetze". This gives you a bus network map for a selected area. So, for the pubs listed in my last message, I happen to know they will be in the "Landkreis Bayreuth" network map. Once I find the town (in the this case, Lindenhardt) on the network, I can see the numbers of the buses. I then pick "Fahrplan" from the menu on the VGN webpage and select "Linien". It is then a simple matter to match the numbers listed on the network map with the line numbers listed on the page. Then just click and download. I often download all the network maps because they are very handy for finding transport to any village I plan on visiting. Needless to say, all this information is free. In fact, if you go to "Freizeit" on the VGN site and select "Freizeitlinien" you will find many bus lines devoted to beer and brewery. If you would like a printed brochure, including the bus schedules, as well as information about the breweries and towns, they will post these to you at no charge! As there is no link to them on the English site, I assume they are only available in German.
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