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Kellersaison 2012
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-03-26 03:21:14
The beer at the Keller (bayerischer Anstich) is sometimes too diacytel-laden (butterscotch -- Butterbonbon/Buttertoffee?) for me, sometimes good. At the Gastst├Ątte though, it's cleaner, probably because it's from CO2 keg. It's hoppy enough either way for a lovely dunkles Vollbier. ;) Bit too gassy at the Gastst├Ątte though.
       Kellersaison 2012 by barry on  2012-03-26 11:40:01
         Kellersaison 2012 by Nick B. on  2012-03-27 00:49:09