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1st Germany trip this year.
Posted by Mads Klinkby on 2012-03-26 12:35:49
In for a great weak. Thursday and friday in Cologne followed by saturday in Dusseldorf and sunday in Bamberg. Highlights: Fastenbier direct from the oak, Lots of Kolsch and Altbier served fresh and hopefully much better than the bottled ive tried so far. Do anybody know if there is still Bocks/seasonals around in getrankenmarkts and breweries/brewpubs? Normally I visit summer so hope that I this time will get my hand on some of the "rarer" German treats! Cheers
   1st Germany trip this year. by Mark Andersen on  2012-03-27 06:42:13
     1st Germany trip this year. by Nick B. on  2012-03-28 02:27:42