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BierTV (or just FrankenTV)
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-03-31 09:28:26
Very short notice, but those with nothing else to do this evening (FrankenTime) who can, can watch the first of 10 episodes of a new series called "Bavarian Millennium" on BR3. It features Bamberg of the 11th century, specifically Heinrich II and the founding of the Dom. < > It's supposed to be streamed live and then remain in the Mediathek for a week. < > Then more long term notice. "Secrets of the Bavarian Cuisine", episode 5, featuring a Michelin star chef underway in der fränkischen Schweiz, will be repeated on 11 May. Matthias Turm of Schlenkerla will show him how Rauchmalz is kilned, etc., although Bamberg ain't in Franconian Switzerland. < > (click "Wiederholungen") Otherwise kind of a slow time for BierTV here these days.
   BierTV (or just FrankenTV) by Nick B. on  2012-04-15 08:21:26
     BierTV (or just FrankenTV) by Nick B. on  2012-04-16 02:25:19