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Eichhorn Dörfleins and Eichhorn Forchheim?
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-04-26 22:52:21
I see Ron P. has posted in the thread. I still find his blog about the early morning trade in Hebendanz hilarious. < > We were just discussing Forchheim yesterday at Roppelt's Keller, my two Kellermates who live just outside the city. They don't go out in Forchheim any more, as the pubs have gone downhill. And be careful: if you're seen going in or out of Hebendanz, you'll get a bad reputation in town, as it's a place where all the riff-raff and criminals hang out. Also, there are *no* more loopholes in the Rauchverbot: as of 1 Aug 2010, smoking is prohibited in all taverns, pubs, inns, restaurants, sporting clubs...everywhere in the gastro trade in Bavaria. Last time I was in Hebendanz, they were smoking in the Schwemme, but not inside. There are no more smoker's clubs. At least, they are illegal, if they do still exist. And people still smoke in some places, against the law. The police appear to not be terribly concerned.
             Hebendanz Club by Lutz on  2012-05-24 23:54:58