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OT: US beer
Posted by Barry on 2012-04-26 01:28:49
Thought people might like this excerpt from a posting on the fan site of my favourite football club (MCFC - champions elect). The club concerned was New England Revolution. 'We then had a walk around the whole ground. The concourse is around 4 times the width of Eastlands and the roof much higher. Lots of different chain food stores (pizzas / burgers / hot dogs / popcorn) and - pleasingly - many different beers, rather than the limited stuff on offer at Eastlands. I ended up at a stall selling ‘New England's finest ales’. I was wearing my ‘And on the 6th day God created Manchester City' T-shirt. The bloke at the stall read it and laughed and as soon as he heard the accent, said I would like this kind of beer. I said OK and then had a heart attack as he said ‘$11’ (around £7). It was a pint poured straight from the bottle into a plastic glass which I took to my seat (no idea where my seat was, we just sat where we wanted to). It was a good, strong beer - I wanted another but didn't risk it as I was driving and could tell it was strong! Budweiser was $8 (£5) a pint. I'd rather pay the extra $3 for the decent stuff!'
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